Sony Vaio Disassembly to fix POWER / CHARGING Problem.

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In this video I replace the DC Jack or power plug (power port) of a Sony Vaio VPCCW23FX laptop. Table Of Contents: Removal of: Battery 0:12 Hard drive 0:24 R…


Mike Nurse says:

sounds like he gave it to the right man for the job..

choppaholic26 says:

I know right, the level of detail and clarity is amazing.

Fernando Garcia says:

I love the part where you explain what you’re doing or what’s going on.

Bob Jr. says:

I have a Sony Vaio VPCCW VPCCW21FX 14… The power supply “itself” is registering the correct voltage. I took the laptop apart and tested inside on the motherboard plug and it was at 19.5 but no lights will come on when it is plugged in? I noticed It gets warm on the front right side below the cd at the card reader. Any suggestions?

JayGRhymes says:

Would the steps be the same for a VGN-FW140E/H?

Sonic1387 says:

Are the steps the same with the VPCEE2M1E?

james bennett says:

speeded up videos are totally useless

Stounage says:

please i need your help i want to remove my bios battery to reset the bios settings can you give me a link or do a dissambly and show me please :’( i really need yourhelp really really bad my vaio : vaio VPCEH2J1E

iirossii2005 says:

A friend gave me a Sony Vaio VPC-EB190X to repair. After doing some research I have reason to believe it is a faulty internal DC power cable. The wall AC charger works just nothing is being charged. Now my question is If a fully charged battery was inserted into it would it turn on? Or would the same results happen? I don’t want to be buying and returning a bunch of parts to troubleshoot this. I don’t have any spare Vaio parts. Thank You for any response! I hear this is a common problem.

Howard McCallum says:

Hi. I have Sony Vaio VGN-CR21S approx early 1980. Same problem as on this video i.e. Power Port replacement required. Could you please let me know if you could carry out this repair and approximately how much it would cost. Thank you. Howard

vanzemar says:

Probably broke something inside the wireless on/off switch … How is it suppose to look? Is there a piece inside the wireless switch that touches the inside? Thanks… Sony vpcf121fx

Pheara Lim says:

Can you fix laptop speakers too?

darkleomomo says:

uhhh my problem is where can u buy a charger port

Saravanan K says:

HI.model is VAIO VPCEA16FG, first I got problem of intermittent charging,sometimes it charges when I switch off the computer,often not charges when I switch on the computer.So I gave to sony centre,they said power cord problem inside.After they say, the problem is not rectified so to change the motherboard.Wt can i do now?. Is it is really a problem with motherboard. but the performance of computer is good.If i charge my battery in another Laptop it charges well. kindly help me in this issue. tq

gkh50 says:

great. have repaired my keyboard via cannibalising another… machine not taking power and after seeing this, just ordered a DC Jack. fingers crossed this will keep the beastie alive.

MarkJonesRanger says:

Hey. I have been throwing these laptops away for years. I watched your video. Yup my Sony Vaio died. I ordered a new battery for it. It ran on the battery for 3 hours and died. So..after watching your video and a few others..but yours is the one that pushed me over the line to tear my laptop apart. It’s fixed and working fine. I do advise using a power adapter extension on these laptops. All it does is takes the wear and tear of unplugging it out from the laptop about 6″. Radiso shack!

syafiq6191 says:

i have the charging problem on sony vaio i have do the same like you did?

wnetmw says:

Any experience doing this on a Sony VAIO VPCF2 series laptop? You were able to get to the jack in the video by removing the bottom cover. On the VPCF2 series I think you need to get to it from the top. It also is a different configuration than the VPCF1 series.

william blackburn says:

When he took those screws off and showed all the stuff I was like who the fuck can build these things!

Romeo Zepol says:

hi good day to you, im having a power problem about my sony vaio, i dont know what to do, i tried cleaning the ram, by the way, vaio fgn-fs980 its kinda old timer but still running until recently, it doesnt charge anymore or even power up directly…what should i do? what should i replace? thanks bro…

peepeeguy19 says:

cute laptop bro :)

srsly though, my gf has an older vaio like this, and it runs hot as hell. I’m thinking about repasting the cpu. I’m dreading opening it up, though. it’s nothing like removing 4 screws to access everything on my sager np9150.

marek jauss says:

Hi, what a cool baseball cap

PlayerUnknown says:

This fixed worked for me. Try watch?v=UI2P8roNN1E

dreamthunder says:

UGH! I need help! My grand daughter tripped over the power cord on my VAIO VGN AW230J laptop! NOW my DC power jack connection in the computer is broken. I have to hold the cord just right or the computer turns off. I ordered the parts for the new DC power jack but wow! Had no idea it would be this involved. I have built repaired desktops before but never a laptop. I wish for a video replacing the DC power jack on my laptop that didn’t go at super speed!

Francisco Rodriguez says:

I have a VPCF115FM, with the crazy feedback noise… I fixed the software on windows, but on linux I have very little recourse. Maybe I can remove the internal microphone? Do you have a video for that? Thanks.

vgazic says:

hey man my DC power Jack is working from time to time … u know u have to play with it to work.. so i decide to open it… sooo i put everything together and my laptop dont want to start now… green light on the side works for 2 seconds and then just shouts down :S any suggestions i have sony vaio vgn-fw455d

sara nicole says:

My power jack or dock piece broke off it has like two pieces of metal and broke off what do I do? I looked online and can’t find it help.

P51ride says:

The adapter voltage must match within one half of a volt higher or lower. The amps should be equal or higher. The 3.5 lower voltage difference most likely is the problem

freedomexiastrike says:

Hi I got this notebook and mine runs a little hotter then the other sister model

Lennartz1 says:

My Sony Vaio adaptor vgn-ac19v45 had a little plastic piece inside the charging dock that broke off and will not charge now. Suggestion?

Piyush Shaw says:

Hi…Due to oeverheating issue I disassembled by vaio..same way as you did…but my sound and usb drives stopped working. What do I do?

appleinacup says:

Is the replacement power jack exactly the same as sony’s original part? I have look online and could find only replacement for them. If it is original, where did you get it?

jannebkk says:

Hardware failure. New sony models are prone to hardware failures. My new computer broke donwn after two hour purchaise and have experience three harware failure ever since. This “new” computer have been in and out Sony service totall nine weeks now and still have not get it back. I have been told by service that these new Sony Models have massive problems with hardware and often broke down in two month of purchaise

aciurinox says:


rockmanx00999 says:

That’s either a bad Boot.ini registey or bad hard drive. You have to try to repair the boot.ini or replace the entire boot.ini registery. If your OS is a Windows 7 64bit on your laptop then you will first need to make sure you have a Windows 7 64/32bit OS disc in order to repair/replace out the registery. Once your in then you go to command prompt and type in several lines of code and then your computer should be back up and running.

TheKuinshi says:

I could do this to my four year old laptop or I can just wait, use my desktop while save up money and buy a beastly new laptop. How much would that part cost? Is this difficult?

StormFox13 says:

Did you have to do any soldering to replace this part? It looks as through the newer models enable you to just clip in the replacement, but I keep hearing horror stories about soldering and frying motherboards. I have a PCG 81114L, and I’m at my wits end with it. I don’t want to spend 200 dollars to have the geek squad open my laptop and plug in a 30 dollar jack…

Ek4jordan says:

Someone please help me! I have just changed the charging port but now my laptop won’t even power up, on top that I have got a different charger from different laptop which is 16v and the original one is 19.5v does that make a difference from charging up?? Please help its fricken pissing me off!

justinkim888 says:

i think it’s a ram problem,,,

forevertheuni says:

That flat cable leading to usb + mic headphones all you have to do is pull it off? I was afraid of ruining it. :)

frydaddy60 says:

Can u help me on this? My Vaio laptop is doing something wierd… this happened to my toshiba laptop too but i threw that one away and i dont want to harn this one :(. so when i turn it on, It shows the logo and it goes to a black screen with a white little hyphen blinking on the top left corner. Help!

joakimflodberg says:

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-CR290EAP and it seems that opening the case to get to the DC IN jack is very different. Can you do a video on how to disassemble a VGN-CR290? Thank you.

VitalElectrocomp says:

Excellent !!


Google Vital Connectors

1020Shane says:

i had that happen to me too. I had to go on ebay and quickly order/pay for a new jack part before my battery died because it is my only computer.

akasstan says:

And to think, I was going to attempt this myself!

Joseph Paglinawan says:

Wow, I read almost all the moments in this video. Sony Vaio’s are really not reliable. I had to take my Vaio CW in for service over three times. And everytime I do, no problems arise. Silly problems like these are really tempting me to switch over…

James Frey says:

I am also missing the center part of the DC port on my VPCF115FM..

JawasCantBeTrusted says:

Hey there, I have a PCG-7131M that I have just been given by a friend because it dosen’t work any more. I had a look at the DC IN and noticed two prongs in there which didn’t seem to match to the power cable connection. Am I right in thinking something has maybe come out of the DC jack that would then enable the cable to sit in the jack properly?

Any responses would be awesome! as I can’t find anything on the net and I’m getting frustrated looking :-)

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