Replace Keyboard Key on HP Compaq CQ60 G60 G61 DV6 CQ61 HDX | Fix Laptop Installation Repair

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My 2 key  randomly fell off

ilovethehelpdesk says:

Thank you. I had my backspace key pop off this morning and this tutorial was exactly what I needed to get it back on properly.

13antwnis says:

where is the delete button?

ChevRcr454 says:

what about the stupid control key… it has a completly different setup from the rest… and i popped it off now i cant get it back on and brute force isn’t working…

0koolguy says:

I’m in bell but my keyboards busted & I don’t know how to repair it

PS. I have a HP keyboard Thin Lettered but my (slots) look same like that but different style my bars long like…11’5 cm for the bar and i’m not sure if you need 1 bar or 2

RFPegasus says:

here you go much better /watch?v=CW0y8ctdTL8&feature=related

RFPegasus says:

dude, we can’t see how you put the small part. You are so quick. Good for you. However, guy, here you have another much better tutorial v=CW0y8ctdTL8&feature=related Trust me. You will thank Sheppard later ;)

JakeeAllDay says:

Thank you! My mother wouldve killed me if I didnt fix it!

mariadkins says:

i need to replace my entire keyboard. is there a tutorial for that?

KEEVVY says:

Does any one can provide me with a recovery kit for this laptop or a original “Windows Vista Premium x32 System Recovery Kit CQ60-320SASystem Recovery Kit English” or iso image I forgot myne in england & know I want to return to the original os.

jeadc says:

I just need it. Thank you so much. It was really useful for me

QuadTubeChannel says:

Very useful video. Had to repair a key some weeks ago. The white plastic is ultra thin and easily snapped if you apply too much force, or use the wrong tools. The metal retention hooks are also easy to bend; I straightened two of mine with a small flat-head screwdriver. Would recommend ordering two keys if you’re butter-fingered like me, you can always keep a spare just in case.

loladinamitasa says:


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vandalparballe says:

Thank you !! Worked well enven without the metal wire for the backspace key !!

vandalparballe says:

Same problem here on my HP G60 . The backspace key broke and there was no metal wire on it eighter. If you found how to put back the key pm me please.
Sorry if my english not perfect I speak frenchcanadian…

TheGuitar1972 says:

Thanks guys!! Fixed my compaq !!!

dconec86 says:

Thanks guys - helped so much!!!

mr4vinny4 says:

my large key (backspace) is off and it is similar to your enter one but it doesnt have that metal wire on it, i followed your steps as closely as i could but it doesnt work

RaynaOfSunshine says:

I can’t express my thanks right now; you saved me from years of guilt and a beating.

MayoPie says:

@laptopkeycom This video did not show how to remove the keys at all! Replace means remove and put a new one in, this video only showed how to put the key in, not out.

iluvdingbats says:

Thanks for the help- works like a charm!

sharslou says:

Thank you, sooo much ! God Bless u too! I thought it was a hopeless cause…ur video really helped!

ElectricStarStudios says:

Doesn’t work xP

KEEVVY says:

How do you take out the up arrow key.

TheTuranli00 says:

The hooks below arent holding anything. When I press the key. Its good in its place but the hooks below arent holding so it pops out again

TheTuranli00 says:

The hooks below arent holding anything so it doenst work with me :( helppp

YuffieKisaragi1011 says:

That’s so good to know!
Yay for information!
I did exactly what everyone told me to about popping it on, sad thing is, it just won’t stay o.o
It lasts about maaaaybe seven minutes before popping off again!

TheVangbal says:

There is no metal hook under the backspace! My popped off as well and there is no metal hook. But I cant find out what the trick is, tried everything.

YuffieKisaragi1011 says:

Sadly I haven’t!
It still keeps popping off ;~;
I don’t think mine had a metal hook, if it did, it’s probably long gone by now ._.
I know it is annoying >.<
Sorry for not being much help! ^_^”

TheVangbal says:

Have you found out how to replace the backspace?
Please let me know! Because my backspace is out too, but there is no metal hook so I don’t know what to do.
So annoying!

YuffieKisaragi1011 says:

I was wondering if the backspace key has a metal hook as well?
I just can’t seem to get it back on ;~;

molly200120019426 says:

can’t fix it!!!!!!!!!

GAGJAM001 says:


raytanhoward says:

just wanted to say thank you so much for this video! It helped me to fix my h key which has been broken for several weeks

7e7m7m7a says:

thanks man fixed m f2

earthworm768 says:

Thank you so much :) i managed to fix my V key back on :D

Deshae832 says:

HELP (Please reply) those two little piece wouldn’t come out and i dont want to break it… asap

MisterScruffAlba says:

Much love for that man, its been bothering me for weeks and I just could not be bothered with the thought of it.
THAT simple though eh?
I feel a right dafty!

572dwayne says:

lol i need to find a vid on how to remove the whole keyboard because i was trying to do what is in your video and the metal hook broke that holds the keys so i need to take the whole thing out lol

bitchniggaar says:

you are just awesome thanks alot :P

LucioCuddeford says:

Tell me thats kipkay

watchonutube says:

thanks just fixed

dender47 says:

I have replaced my f4 key.thanks you bro :)
It is my first comment on you tube

HeadShot360IN says:


JunaidOverKool says:


potentialninja says:

thank you thank you thank you i just got out of being grounded so thank you

Joe2493 says:


jaredpardo says:

very useful to me thank you very much!!

BJ778 says:

thank you sooooo much, you are the feaking best

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